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  Class-CC 600V to 30A ir200kA cylindrical 10x38mm with bulb shape one end
  Class-G 300V to 60A ir100kA cylindrical  varying lengths - 10mm diameter
  Class-H 250V and 600V to 600A ir10kA *NEC dimensions
  Class-J 600V to 600A ir200kA, fast-acting or time-delay, AC or DC
  Class-K 250V and 600V to 600A ir50kA to 200kA *NEC dimensions
  Class-L 600V  601A to 6,000A current-limiting, AC or DC, ir200kA, Bolt tags
  Class-R 250V and 600V to 600A ir200kA *NEC dimensions with rejection feature
  Class-RK Ferrule grooved end or knife blade prevents interchanging other styles
  Class-T 300V 1200A and 600V 600A current-limiting ir200kA, fast-acting, AC or DC
  *NEC (National Electric Code) dimensions, also referred to as Code Dimensions

Fusetronics (a trading name of Bradley Marketing Pty Ltd)

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